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My strengths

The list below is not to brag but to help myself and others understand how I fit into my role while collaborating.

  • I am customer-focused. I strive to deliver value to the customers or stakeholders. As the value, I understand time saved, productivity improved, or happier life.
  • I have a strong desire for simplicity. Complicated things are harder to communicate and understand. I know oversimplification is risky, which might lead to poor user experience.
  • I bring Ruby on Rails experience. It is not just the ability to write and read Ruby but pragmatism and high standards aligned with the points above.
  • I have an analytical mind which helps me to understand and disentangle complex, often not-so-obvious dependencies.
  • I am curious. I daydream about what-ifs. I am not afraid of taking an opposite stance to understand the consequences. Often, I experiment to expand my experience.