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The Passionate Programmer

19 Aug 2010 . category: . Comments

A couple of months ago I have bought an e-book written by Chad Fowler. It tells mostly about responsible, aware career planning from developer’s point of view. At least it seems to tell about that. In fact, if we cut off the domain-specific examples, it becomes a vast hanbook explaining how to cultivate our happines, life pleasure.

The author stands that your live, in general, is filled with your work. Therefore you need to draw satisfaction from your job and enjoy it. He uses his story as an example to show how flexible, foreseeing and enthusiastic about your job you should be in order to achieve succes. Huge impact is put on business point of view, so much misunderstood in IT industry. In the book you are treated as a product, which you are going to sell to your present/future employers or clients.

The book is divided into five parts:

  • Choosing Your Market
  • Investing in Your Product
  • Executing
  • Marketing…Not Just for Suits
  • Maintaining Your Edge

You can read more about this book on Pragmatic Bookshelf site here